The Inter-American Defense College

On June 11 I had the privilege of enjoying lunch with Rear Admiral Jeffrey A. Lemmons who will be retiring in about three weeks, following 35 years of service in the US Navy. For the last two years Rear Admiral Lemmons has dedicated his efforts to the Inter-American Defense College, as the Director of the college. This presents an important moment to reflect on the professional evolution and transformation that he and his predecessors have brought to the IADC. I had not toured the IADC for over a year and the change is impressive; today, IADC boasts world-class facilities including various labs and an impressive lecture hall that allows for two-way communication in the four official languages of the OAS.

The college’s rigorous and extensive academic curriculum is multi-dimensional in nature, complementing classroom learning and peer exchange with experiential learning opportunities in an accredited program that now gives IADC’s international student body the opportunity to graduate with a Master’s degree. These students (civilians and military personnel, alike) benefit from being taught by a multi-national faculty, diverse in its interests and expertise, from across the hemisphere; a characteristic unique to IADC that enables a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Inter-American context and allows for professional and personal cooperation.

Since 1962 the IADC has been creating a strong network of alumni, fostering ongoing professional inter-change between offices of all States and important relationships across the region. In this way, the college serves as one of the most important confidence building measures, demonstrating what can be accomplished as a result of multi-state cooperation.

If as for me, seeing is to believe, then I would like to encourage you to tour IADC’s facilities, get to know the college and the resources it has to offer. IADC offers a wide variety of multi-lateral seminars and events throughout the year that are extremely valuable, not only to the participants but also to the region.


For more information about the collge, please visit:

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