Gun Violence

As I reflect on the end of  my term as Secretary for Multidimensional Security, I have come to realize that there are a number of issues that affect the (in) security in our region more than others.  One of them is the high percentage of firearm related homicides and crime. According to the 2015 Global […]

Reflexiones a mi regreso a El Salvador

¿Habrá alguna lección o mensaje relevante para El Salvador en las noticias tan emotivas de la semana recién pasada? Quizás las sonrisas desinhibidas de felicidad que recibieron al primer Papa Latinoamericano cuando llegó a Cuba, momento particularmente conmovedor tras los esfuerzos del Pontífice por reconstruir la relación entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba luego de […]

CICIG Comment for Inter American Dialogue

In my view the mandate for CICIG is unprecedented among international efforts to promote accountability and strengthen the rule of law. It has many of the attributes of an international prosecutor, but it operates under Guatemalan law, in the Guatemalan courts, and it follows Guatemalan criminal procedure, essential attributes for maintaining sovereignty.  There is no […]

OAS – ICSS Regional Conference for the Americas: Major Sporting Events, the Crossroads of Security and Socio-Economic Development

The Organization of American States (OAS) is joining the big leagues in securing major sporting events through an innovative partnership with the International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS). On June 25 and 26, we jointly hosted the first “Regional Conference for the Americas: Major Sporting Events, the Crossroads of Security and Socio-Economic Development.” The conference […]

10 Years of Multidimensional Security

The 2003 Declaration on Security in the Americas gave life to the concept of multidimensional security moving us beyond the traditional definitions of security, and placing integrated approaches, personal well-being and positive outcomes at the center of the OAS’s security agenda. When Secretary General José Miguel Insulza created the Secretariat for Multidimensional Security (SMS) in […]