#Global Engagement Center countering propaganda and disinformation

The GEC at the State Department has the mission to direct, lead, coordinate, and synchronize the U.S. Government’s efforts to understand and counter state and non-state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation. It was great to join the discussion of a very talented and knowledgeable group from academia and the NGO sectors to hear their experience a lot […]

#Cyber #Extremism

New Zealand and Sri Lanka have many things in common; they are island states, have a history with the Commonwealth and have some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet. Now unfortunately they are linked by two of the worst terrorist incidents in recent history. Much will be said, and much will be […]

#Protecting the City – The Evolving #Terrorism Threat and #NYPDs’s Respond

Fascinating conversation at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with Rebecca Weiner Assistant Commissioner of Intelligence Analysis @ NYPD., moderated by Bruce Hoffman. Most of the conversation was not for attribution but I think I can say the NYPD has created highly innovative approach to prevent, disrupt/deter and investigate terror incidents. I was surprised to […]

#TRACCC Conference: Illicit Hubs, Tobacco Trade, And Convergence With Illicit Commodities

Yesterday, my colleagues and I from Development Services Group had the pleasure of attending GMU TRACCC’s conference: “Research Findings: Illicit Hubs, Tobacco Trade, And Convergence With Illicit Commodities”, where three distinguished experts in European security and illicit trade, Xavier Raufer, Simona Maloria, and Yulia Krylova, moderated by TRACCC’s director Louise Shelley, discussed the findings in […]