Book Talk: How We Win

On Monday at George Mason University, I had the pleasure of attending a book launch featuring Farrah Pandith and her new title “How We Win,” an insightful novel on how a combination of efforts from entrepreneurs, politicians, businesses, and social media can counter violent extremism. Interestingly she started her CVE experience in the Bush administration and her ideas […]

The Illicit Economy in Turkey

One of the best things about our Counter Terrorism project is working with very smart and dedicated people. Meet Mahmut Cengiz, who has two PhD’s and has launched his new book “The Illicit Economy in Turkey: How Criminals, Terrorists and the Syrian Conflict Fuels Underground Economies”. The book is co-authored by Mitchel Roth and is […]

#Opioid # Buprenorphine

A fantastic new show on 1a details to the viewers how difficult life is in dealing with sobriety after opioid addiction, and explores the possible approaches to the opioid crisis. Development Services Group, the company where I work, manages the Data Waver program for buprenorphine prescribers. The program is designed to provide a clinical medical program to […]

The Illicit Economy in Turkey

One of my colleagues at George Mason University, Professor Mahmut Cengiz, has just published his new book The Illicit Economy in Turkey: How Criminals, Terrorists, and the Syrian Conflict Fuel Underground Markets. According to the flyer, “this book examines the transnational expansion of the illicit economy in Turkey and the unintended consequences of corruption scandals […]