Community Resilience Newport News

Once again I had a unique opportunity to lead our Faith and Community Based Youth Violence Reduction program in Newport News, Virginia.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to visit the historical triangle of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown while in the area, next time! There is nothing fake here but a dedicated group of folks from […]

Geopolitical and Security Developments in the Americas; What They Mean for Business. Hosted by the Atlantic​ Council and Baker McKenzie

Was great to hear old friends and new discuss the security and defense challenges in the Americas. Peter MacKay spoke eloquently about the importance of NAFTA and that we should not allow the naysayers to define what has essentially been a successful agreement for all parties! Also clear that defense and security cooperation between Canada […]

#Global Canada/ Canada Global

It was great to see so many colleagues at the OCT 3 gathering in Montreal. Robert Greenhill, the Executive Chair, outlined the objectives of the meeting as; In today’s challenging world, constructive and collaborative leadership matters more than ever. The three goals for this meeting are to 1. Create an opportunity for global Canadian leaders to […]

Montreal !

How refreshing it was to be in Montreal attending the second annual “Global Canada.” This is a remarkable gathering of Canadian globalists, still trying to figure out why they invite me! Refreshing and Montreal in the same sentence usually has something to do with the weather; the weather was beautiful as you will see from […]

Singapore 2017

Just finished an intense week of meetings of the WEF, INTERPOL, and Bilats. Have not been to Singapore for over ten years, what a change. Reclaimed land, magnificent architecture both old and new and while they do have a lovely botanical garden the city is essentially a garden.

Interpol World Identity Management

This was a really interesting panel with representatives from the IOM, ICAO and of course INTERPOL. The point I was trying to make on behalf of TechTrace and by extension, the World Customs Organization is that if identity is the foundation of everything then we need to track the identity of everything; people, products, services, and […]