Towards a Results-based Diplomacy

This paper was written by Adam Blackwell while serving as; Director-General, Strategy and Services Bureau Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Like many other foreign ministries, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is coping with continuous change. In this paper, I would like to explore is how we are using […]

The Four Pillars of Corruption

Citizen trust and confidence in governments, institutions (public, private and non-profit) and leaders is probably the single greatest factor in determining their levels of legitimacy. Corruption or even the perception of corruption is a cancerous scourge that erodes this trust and legitimacy. It not only undermines democracy and the rule of law but it is […]

Report on the experts meeting: “Searching for Common Approaches to Deal with Unconventional Conflicts and Violence in the Americas”

February 12-13, 2015 Organization of American States 1889 F Street N.W. Washington DC In today’s global context we are increasingly encountering changing forms of armed violence, outside the context of war or civil war; hence there is a need for an innovative approach and strategy designed for these new forms of conflict. One of the […]


Si bien el apoyo a la democracia como sistema de gobierno sigue ocupando un lugar importante en las Américas, la creciente inseguridad causada por la delincuencia y la violencia ha llevado a la reducción de la legitimidad democrática, a la suspensión de los derechos y libertades democráticos y al menoscabo de los ideales democráticos (Casas- […]


While support for democracy as a governing system remains high in the Americas, heightened insecurity from crime and violence has led to declines in democratic legitimacy, the suspension of democratic rights and freedoms, and the undermining of democratic ideals (Casas-Zamora, 2010) (LAPOP, 2014, p. 193-194). This threat to democratic institutions as a whole parallels one […]

Reflections on Peace, Security and Conflict Prevention

I recently attended the International Conference on Strengthening Peace and Security Cooperation towards Democracy and Development, hosted by the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna and organized in partnership with International IDEA, GPPAC, UNU-CRIS, and the OAS. The conference was focused on discussing and strengthening the crucial role of Regional Organizations in conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The […]

The Unregulated and Threatening Growth of Private Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean has recently seen impressive social and economic gains, yet despite a growing middle class and narrowing poverty gap insecurity remains the number one preoccupation of the regions citizens, with perceptions of insecurity at their highest since 2006 (LAPOP, 2014, p. 161) ( The World Bank, 2012). This insecurity, sparked by […]

An Experts Meeting on “Searching for Common Approaches to Deal with Unconventional Conflicts and Violence in the Americas”

In today’s global context, we are encountering changing forms of armed violence, removed from the conventional/traditional context of war. Unconventional conflicts are characterized by high rates of violence, often criminal, perpetrated by non-state actors battling each other, the state, and society. The causes of such conflicts are often linked to a variety of socioeconomic vulnerabilities […]