GTTAC Speaker Series: ‘Terrorism in time of the Pandemic’ featuring Rohan Gunaratna

On Thursday, Nov. 19th 2020, GTTAC hosted it’s latest speaker series event, this time featuring Dr. Rohan Gunaratna on the topic of Terrorism in time of the Pandemic.

Rohan gave an amazing presentation, and also what happened to be one of the most interesting q&a sessions we have had so far!

His insight in the activities of the ‘big two’ terror movements – the Islamic State and al-Qa’eda, during the pandemic were extremely interesting. There is an odd nexus of overlaying issues at hand that both affect the number of incidents occurring worldwide during the pandemic, but also restrict the reporting and investigation of terrorism across the world.

GTTAC will host more of these events in the future, featuring speakers who are experts in the fields of terrorism, counterterrorism, and international security.

If case you were unable to attend today’s event, we will distribute a link to the fully recorded webinar soon. To attend future events, please follow this link to register in our listserv:

If you are not presently following us on Twitter, please visit and follow us at: @DSG_GTTAC and @DSGNow for future updates.

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