YOU Can Help ProVeros Disrupt Illicit Trade

ProVeros is a crowd sourced project that aims to disrupt and combat counterfeiting and illicit trade. The nexus of illicit trade networks and terrorism is an intersection that we cannot afford to ignore.

In past posts, we highlighted some of the most prolific and interesting issues in illicit trade and how these trade networks intersect with terrorism. From counterfeit goods being transported through free trade zones, to the Balkans route that distributes illicit goods and hosts human trafficking, illicit trade of any kind can often be tied to funding mechanisms of terrorist organizations. It is gravely important to address and disrupt illicit trade wherever possible, and ProVeros has taken up the task with innovative technological solutions.

“The mission of the Foundation is to create, develop and implement innovative anti-counterfeiting and illicit trade technology solutions.


ProVeros can only go so far to disrupt illicit trade without the help of people like you. Please take time to visit their website here, and donate to help disrupt international crime that affects every nation in the world.

ProVeros Website:
Donation Page:

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