El Salvador


Latest story on this. What does not come out in any of these stories was the serious and protracted approach we tried to develop in El Salvador to implement an innovative peace process. An approach that included a thorough evaluation of the security sector, study of similar efforts in Los Angeles, Colombia and Mexico, using traditional mediation tracks, forming a technical committee, humanitarian foundation and working directly with 11 municipalities from 4 different political parties. This was much more than 2 mediators wandering around aimlessly which is the impression I get from many commentators.

In my frequent trips to El salvador I briefed all political parties, the media from the owners on down, ANEP, the church, civil society actors in an intensive effort to build support. We even brought in global experts to talk about similar efforts elsewhere to find common ground and benchmark the efforts in El Salvador.

How sad to dismiss in a cavalier fashion.IMG_1799


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