Building Resilience Against Systemic Cybersecurity Risks

cyber.JPGOn Friday, 22 April 2016 attended a workshop “Building Resilience Against Systemic Cybersecurity Risks”, hosted by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Risk and Resilience and Microsoft.  The workshop focused on the challenges of defining and then implementing resilience in today’s rapidly evolving technology and threat environments, focusing particularly on the financial services, transportation and healthcare sectors. These sectors were selected given their importance to national economies, national security, and the well-being of citizens and the potential impact of any systemic disruption. Leaders from the public and private sector discussed key vulnerabilities, identify single points of failure, and seek to understand the potential systemic consequences inherent in today’s risk environment. There was also a healthy discussion of how to measure resilience and then initiatives that could help entities of all types and sizes refine their enterprise risk management strategies, identify targeted areas for key investment, and determine what partnerships are needed to address the risk and build and strengthen their resilience. The outputs from the workshop will be used to develop a cybersecurity resilience use case, to be published by the Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Risk and Resilience.

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